Apt 501 Guest Guide
Access codes:
Will be sent to you on the morning of your arrival
1. Find the building
Arrive at 1425 Winnifred St, Charlotte NC, 28203. Here is view of the building near the leasing office and a breakdown of parking costs for any additional cars. Personal access code will be given to you prior to check-in.
2. Parking map
Parking entrance is on W Bland St. Enter the garage and turn right to find the lock boxes.
Yellow:  Garage entrance
Yellow arrow:  Pointing to where the lock boxes are. Turn right and follow next steps.
3. Enter the garage
Enter the garage and follow the yellow arrow above. The lock boxes are around the corner next to a dark blue door.
4. Find the lock-boxes
The lock-boxes are mounted onto the wall, to the RIGHT of the door. Temporarily park in the future resident parking (if available), or just pull-off to the side with your blinkers on. Then find your lock-box.

*If you do not follow the instructions above, you WILL get booted or receive a ticket!*
5. Find your assigned lock-box
Find the lockbox labeled WM #1. Then, pull down on the black cover to expose the keypad. This key is for apt 501.
6. Clear the box, then enter code
Pull down on the bottom lever to clear the box.

Enter your code, then pull down on the top lever to open the box. Re-enter the code, to close the box back.
7. Enter parking gates
Scan the white parking pass that you received from the lock-box to enter the parking gates.

You must park INSIDE of the gates. Use any spot that's not restricted.

(Scan the parking pass the same way in order to exit the garage)
8. Scan into the elevator
Scan your fob on the black sensor by any "Residential Access" door in order to access the elevator.
9. Go to the 5th floor
Scan your fob on the black sensor in order to access the elevator.
10. Exit the elevator
Once you exit the elevator on the 5th floor, turn right, then turn right again. Room 501 will be on the end of the hall.
11. Unlock the door
To unlock the door: Scan the fob and turn the deadbolt to the right.
12. Lock the door
To lock the door: Scan your grey fob on the door, then turn the deadbolt to the left.
13. Check-out instructions
Check-out time: By 10am (Unless we have given you permission for late check-out)
Key-fob & Parking pass: Please return the fob and parking pass to the lock-box where you found it. (Very important to avoid a fee!)
Dishes & Trash: You may wash the dishes or leave them in the sink for us to take care of. Place all trash in trash-cans.
Sheets & linens: Leave your used towels and wash cloths on the floor in the bathroom. All used blankets, sheets and pillows can be left on the bed or couch.
14. Enjoy your stay!
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