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1. When you arrive
A. Inspection: key fobs, missing or damaged items, parking passes
B. Check sofa bed for used sheets
C. Wash all used sheets and towels
D. Replace both duvet covers if dirty
E. Consolidate trash
2. Kitchen
A. Remove leftovers from cabinets, drawers, microwave, fridge
B. Wipe down counters, toaster, microwave, stove, and fridge (empty/check Brita)
C. Empty dish washer/drying rack and do dishes
D. Clean Keurig (refill coffee station if needed)
E. Refill dish-soap and replace sponge/dish towel if needed
3. Living room
A. Wipe/dust blinds, windows, tables, mirrors, coasters and lamps if needed
B. Check for TV remote and wipe TV screen only if needed
C. Replace linens for sofa bed if used
D. Straighten out the couch, pillows, blankets and room decor
E. Open blinds and leave thermostat at 72°
4. Bedroom
A. Wipe/dust blinds, windows, nightstands and mirrors if needed
B. Put clean sheets, decorative pillows and throw blanket back on bed
C. Check cabinets/drawers
D. Vacuum with nice even lines
E. Leave blinds and bedroom door open
5. Bathroom
A. Clean toilet (in and out) and close it when done

B. Wipe counters/mirror and refill soap (hand, body, hair)
C. Replace large towels (4), washcloths (4), hand towels (2-3)
D. Clean bathtub + hair inspection
E. Sweep/mop if needed and smooth out bathmats
6. Wrap up
A. Sweep and mop as needed in living room and kitchen
B. Lock all cleaning/storage closets
C. Turn off fans and close windows (skip this step in smoke emergencies)
D. Turn off lights and lock door
E. Dispose of trash on the way out
7. Notes
I have completed all tasks above
Finish clean
All done. Great job!
Thanks for your hard work.
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